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Revit Trees Free

Hundreds of trees for autodesk revit, ready to download from our cloud server, make a easy choice for architects and planners that use Autodesk Revit.

Archigrafix has the largest online collection of trees, including conifers, broadleaf and palm trees. Trees in different sizes, with our without foliage, and with parametric scale to adjust to different sizes. These revit trees are made for realistic planning of planting in outdoor areas, and are optimized for the production of 2D drawings such as elevations and sections.


Realistic trees

One of the most appreciated features is the ability to cast realistic shadows over the building facade. Another feature that brings great realism is the depth effect by using transparency overrides in revit.



All trees can be adjusted in scale, both plan and elevation are proportionally adjusted. It's therefore possible to create variations of the same tree to make real representation of a existing tree or for creating variation to make drawings look more natural.



The tree families have family controls in plans that allow mirrowing the tree in both plan axis. These mirrowing effects are reflected in the elevation drawings. This may be desireable to create variation.


Optimized for heavy use

Archigrafix develops revit families with the professional revit user in mind. Antecipating heavy use of the families involve making robust and small revit families that are problem free and can be used intensivelly with downgrading the revit experience. This as great advantages for reliability and productivity. Therefore the fooprint of each family is compressed to the minimum size possible.



Archigrafix provides free samples of revit trees to professionals that use autodesk revit both during development and testing periods or as introductional products.