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Automating Revit collaboration tasks

auto-synchronization of Revit projects

How can collaboration automation in Revit help improve efficiency? Let's look at daily pipelines and how iSync can make your and your team's jobs more efficient.

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Let´s import COLLADA into Revit

Let´s import COLLADA into Revit

The import 3D plugin for Autodesk Revit introduces the support of one of the most compatible used formats across software platforms: Collada DAE. Why is COLLADA a relevant format, and why could you benefit from using it with your Revit projects?

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Importing Wavefront OBJ to Revit including materials

Importing Wavefront OBJ to Revit

Import 3D natively supports one of the most used 3D file formats: Wavefront OBJ. What are the reasons behind its success, and why should you most certainly end up using it in one of your Revit projects?

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Translation of 3D models into Revit

Translate 3D models into Revit

Interoperability is the glue that holds the AEC systems together. Learn how sharing 3D data into Revit is evolving, the challenges, and the future.

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