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What is archigrafix?

Do i need to register to buy and download?

How do I get the product I buy online?


My download link does not open properly. Or shows the code of the file.

What happens if I am having troubles with my payment or downloads?


What sort of payment methods are available?

Is it safe to pay online?

Can I pay via Bank Transfer?


Is the digital content compatible with my software version?

Can I use archigrafix revit content with the latest versions of Revit?

What are the conditions for using the digital content from archigrafix?


Can you ship the digital the digital content instead?


How can I transfer a license to another machine?

Where can I find my serial numbers?

What is the difference between a perpetual and a subscription license?

What is maintenance period?

On how many pcs can i install 1 license?

revit cars

Are the car families visible in 3d views (including renders)?

Are the car families full 3d objects?

revit people

Are the people families visible in 3d views?

Do people families cast shadow in 3d?

Are entourage people families visible in renderings?

Are people families RPC content?

What are revit detail people families?

What are revit entourage people families?

revit trees

How is the tree symbol in plan?

How can I scale the tree?

How is the tree depth effect created?

How to prevent revit elements visible through the tree in 3d or elevation?

Do trees cast shadow?