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Revit car families to supercharge and accelerate your design
Possibility in your hands: cars, vans, buses, trucks for your Revit drawings.

What are Revit car families?

Revit car families is a collection of vehicles in all sizes and types, including cars, vans, buses and trucks.

Why use Revit car families?

The Revit car families from archi are advanced families that display accurate car models in plan and 4 elevations, creating consistent drawings, save you time and allow you to focus on your design work.

Revit Cars

Archi car families are intelligent detail elements that are visible in all orthogonal views. These collections are organized in different car types, from passenger to commercial cars in all sizes. Placing the family in plan makes it automatically visible in the other views. Possible to adjust the detail level with the native view detail level from revit.

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