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Small Cars

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Alfa 147

Experience Unparalleled Realism with the Alfa 147 - Small in Size, Mighty in Impact!

Alfa 147 for Revit



Improve the quality of your projects with our realistic Revit car family. The authenticity of our content contributes to a sharp, professional look, making every design feel alive. Stand out from the crowd and make your clients' jaw drop with your meticulous, detailed projects.


Our Revit car family is designed with flexibility in mind. Switch between detailed and outline view effortlessly, depending on your needs. Whether you need the finer details or just an abstract representation, rest assured you have complete control over how you want to portray your vehicle.


Despite the high level of detail, our Revit car families are light and fast to load. Designed based on line drawings, they won’t slow down your progress while working on your projects. Find the balance between detail and performance seamlessly with our solutions.

See in action

Unleash the Power of Precision: Discover the Realistic Details of our Alfa 147 in Revit – Watch the Demo Video Now!



Our Revit car family delivers unmatched realism in representing vehicles. Accurate dimensions and details that mirror the actual cars bring your architectural project to the next level. Elevate your drawings with our top-notch content.


Generate diversity in your projects with our complete collection of vehicles. Mix and match different types and sizes to create the perfect scenery. Enjoy the convenience of building your own library and the freedom to personalize your projects.


Our Revit family makes your car visible in all your 2D views, unlike any detail items that are usually visible in only 1 view. Experience the convenience of automatic background masking when moving the family and simultaneous adjustments in all views. This comprehensive solution guarantees a smoother workflow and a more coherent look for your designs.





1 rfa family. Alfa 147

License and delivery

One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


Revit 2012 - 2025


Small Cars

Alfa 147



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