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Commercial Package

Breathing Life into Designs: Our Archicad People Collection - Where Architecture Meets Humanity

Commercial Package for Archicad



Our Archicad people collection is steeped in diversity and suitability for varying projects. Whether you're working on an elementary school, airport, daycare center, or any other building type, you'll find a perfectly tailored collection to bring your architectural sketches to life. Cherish the freedom and flexibility this product brings to your designs, exploring a level of versatility entirely unmatched in today's market.


There is a unique charm attached to our Archicad people collection, making your architectural design stand out. Each item in the collection beautifully captures the silhouette of a real-size human, doing what people do in today's time. This creates a sense of charm and relevance, making your architectural designs come alive with a burst of freshness and dynamism.


The adaptability of our Archicad people collection provides architects with a chance to change the color of the silhouettes as per the project requirements. It offers a customized approach to design, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the architecture.

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Our Archicad people collection offers you an exclusive array of 2D detail items. Specially designed for sections and elevations, these items are based on themes, giving scale and animation to specific building types and creating a distinctive visual impact.


These carefully crafted silhouettes are fully vector-based, providing high-resolution images for clear and precise representations on a large scale. These meticulously detailed images effectively mirror the subtleties of architecture, ensuring absolute precision in your design process.


Our Archicad people collection flawlessly integrates with architectural drawing software. This ensures a seamless design process and the creation of extraordinary architectural drawings. This compatibility feature makes the design process smoother and more efficient, maximizing the usefulness of the product.





92 .gsm library files

License and delivery

One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


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Commercial Package