Delegate license management

Archi Communications Team

May 08, 2021
Delegate license management

The requirements to license managemente varies from company to company. We at archi understand the need for a flexible license management system that allows to adapt to different requirements.

What's new?

Archi licenses can now be managed from any invited user inside your organization. This feature responds to the need of many large organizations have a account owner and license management roles assigned to different persons.

How to assign license management role to another user?

The license management for the manager user is done inside the customer area area of the archi website. The license manager role gives access to the license management system, including configuration, statistical usage data of the past 7 days, license errors, and software configuration. The access to the account data of the license owner, including orders the payment information is only visible for the license owner account.

To get started the license managers candidates must register themselves in the website. Then the license owner delegates inside the newly created software manager tab in the My Account page. If the e-mail address of the invited user is recognized, that user gets the role of license manage and get immediate access to the license management system.