Our new subscription plans

Our new subscription plans

Starting from this week all most of our revit plugin license will be organized with Subscription Plans. These plans will allow your products to auto-renew on the expiration date, preventing disruptions in the service and making the life of our customers much easier. There will be less e-mail reminders and you maintain the same level of control that you had until now. One can for instance cancel and adjust the number of licenses in the plan at any time.



All existing subscriptions will be manually migrated to the new subscription plans by the customers. We will be sending e-mail reminders as early as one month before expiration, informing the customer about the ordering process and providing links to the new products. In the license management pages there are also updated links to the new plans with auto-renew.



The new plans will have three possible durations: one month, one year and three years. That selection is available in the product selection just before the purchase. We believe this is a selection that will fit all our customers, no matter how much work intensity and how big is their team. If one decides for the three year plan, one secures both a price for the next three years and a discount of 10%. We think this will be a very interesting value proposition.


Perpetual Licenses

We will no longer have available perpetual licenses in our webstore with the new subscription plans. We believe that subscriptions with always updated software is a better solution and provides better value to our customers. We will continue to provide maintenance plan products to those licenses and support, but we encourage our customer to migrate to subscriptions that include access to upgrades and support as part of the service.



We are very proud to collaborate with Stripe in providing these subscriptions plans. Stripe is a financial company more than 10 year old, that has customers in more than 120 countries. They provide safe payments to companies like Autodesk, Microsoft, Google, Booking.com, Spotify, and of course archi. All plan information, including payment methods is encrypted and secured at Stripe's end.