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BMW 7 Limousine

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BMW 7 Limousine for Revit



Our Autodesk Revit car family will make your work slicker. Our product boasts an automatic mask for all views, when you make adjustments to the model it adapts and updates all views simultaneously, giving you a uniform appearance that saves you precious time.


Our car family collection is meticulously designed based on professional line drawings. This ensures the collection is accurate and representative of the vehicles in real life. The line drawings make the car families lightweight, making them ideal for precise linear architectural drawings.


Each car family in our collection has the potential to be paired with other families to create a comprehensive library of your own. The car is visible in all your 2D views, unlike a detail item which only provides a single viewpoint. Should you need a simpler look, switch your view to coarse, and the car will be displayed as an outline.

See in action

Rev up your design realism – discover our BMW 7 Limousine Revit family in action now!



Our car families are specially designed to represent realism in size and detail. The realistic representation will add depth and authenticity to your projects, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.


Our car families will not show down the loading of your Revit model, making it quick and easy for you to incorporate these elements into your projects.


This product is not just a random car, it's a BMW 7 Limousine - adding a touch of style and sophistication to your professional drawings.





1 rfa family. BMW 7 Limousine

License and delivery

One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


Revit 2012 - 2025


Executive Cars

BMW 7 Limousine



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