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Archi Graphic Studio User Guide

User Guide


Graphic Studio for Revit

User Guide


Copyright Archigrafix. All Rights Reserved.



Install instructions

  1. Run the supplied installer
  2. Introduce the serial number in case you have a license
  3. Confirm the installation settings
  4. The plugin is now available to run inside Revit.

 Uninstall instructions

  1. Close all Revit sessions.
  2. Run the uninstaller from the installation directory or from the shortcut in the windows program menu.
  3. Confirm the uninstallation
  4. The program is then uninstalled.



General Usage Instructions

Category Mode

  1. Select Objects
  2. Apply a graphic adjustment in the dialog
  3. The category of the selected element is now overridden. Autodesk® Revit® view template can now be generated with these graphic overrides.

Element Mode

  1. Select Objects
  2. Apply a graphic adjustment in the dialog
  3. The graphic adjustments are applied to the element of this view only.

Using colour palettes

  1. Select objects
  2. Open the colour swatch
  3. Select a colour palette from the list inside the colour swatch dialog
  4. Optionally new colour palettes in open source GIMP format can be loaded by pressing the icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

Using the eyedropper

  1. Select a Revit object
  2. Click on the relevant eyedropper in the dialog
  3. Select a colour anywhere in your screen, including in other applications or documents. Supports multi-monitor desktops.