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With Leaves

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Breathe Life Into Your Designs with Our Natural Artistry

Holly for Revit



The richness and authenticity added to your Revit designs with our Revit Tree family, particularly the Holly variety, is astounding. The true-to-life size and detail are sure to deepen the viewer's experience and raise the bar for architectural drawings.


The addition of broadleaf trees has a significant impact on the overall quality of your project presentation. They contribute to a more polished and professional impression, helping your work stand out amongst the competition.


Rather than having to use a detail item viewable in a single frame, our tree family is visible in both 2D and 3D views. This removes the need for constant adjustments, saving you precious time and effort.

See in action

Unleash Your Creativity with Stunning Realism – Explore Our Revit Broadleaf Tree Demo Video Now!



Our tree families mask the background automatically in all views for a seamless integration with your project. This unique feature ensures that no matter where the family is moved in your project, the views adjust impeccably.


The broadleaf tree family, despite its detailed representation, is designed to be lightweight. This attribute ensures that the loading of your Revit model remains fast and efficient, despite the high value add.


Our product comes with the great advantage of scalability. The cover and trunk displayed as circles can be scaled proportionally in accordance to the elevation, leading to a custom-fit for each architectural project you undertake.





6 different revit families

License and delivery

One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


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With Leaves




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