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Bring Your Architectural Vision to Life with our Vibrant & Versatile Backpackers Collection - Sketch the Story of Adventure!

Backpackers for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator people collection offers an unmatched diversity of 2D silhouette items. You can find collections to fit specific situations, such as airports, elementary schools, and daycare centers. This allows you to give scale and animation to any type of building, making your architectural designs come alive.


Our silhouette items are uniquely created to represent real people in modern times, doing what they do on a daily basis. This makes them perfect for giving a touch of freshness and relevance to any architectural project.


Our high-resolution silhouette items are fully vector based, giving them a great deal of detail that you won't find anywhere else. Even when used on larger scales, they retain their sharpness, ensuring a crisp, clean look in all your designs.

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With the possibility to change the color of the silhouettes, this collection offers you the flexibility to tailor them according to your project’s specific needs and aesthetics. Each figure is adaptable, meaning you can creatively manipulate them to fit your design narrative.


You can easily combine our silhouettes from different collections to create a diverse and multi-purpose project. Whether you’re drawing a city scene or a secluded park, the variety allows your design to be as diverse and lifelike as possible.


Uniquely offered by our store, these collections are organized by themes, providing a specificity in representing people in certain activities, that you won't find elsewhere. This level of detail helps to tell a more vivid and convincing story through your architectural visualizations.





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Illustrator CS6


city & mobility