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Bring Your Designs to Life with the Pulse of Real People - Immerse in the Game of Ideas with our Basketball Collection

Basketball for Illustrator



With our Adobe Illustrator people collection, your architectural projects can take on a new level of realism. Each item represents a real size human silhouette, adding a unique touch to any elevation or section. No matter the theme of your building, be it an airport or a daycare center, our collection can provide the appropriate settings for it. This level of adaptability ensures you can use our silhouettes across a myriad of projects.


Our silhouettes are not only based on real people but are also carefully designed with great precision to give a high-resolution vector-based illustration. Every strand of hair, fold of clothing, and posture is represented accurately, providing a comprehensive and realistic depiction in your architectural designs. This feature keeps your project detailed, fresh, and relevant.


The color of our silhouettes can be changed according to your specific project needs, allowing you to match them perfectly to your design style and project requirements. With this, you have total control over your design and can ensure that the silhouettes seamlessly blend with your project color scheme.

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Unlock Creativity with Precision: Dive into Our Demo Video for Exclusive Basketball Collections!



Our Illustrator People Collection seamlessly integrates with architectural drawing software, making it easy to incorporate the silhouettes into your work. The ease of use removes any technical barriers, allowing for a smooth design process and stunningly realistic architectural drawings.


Each silhouette captures a snapshot of life as we know it, embodying the spirit of our times in a way that standard CAD blocks can't. This brings an authentic, life-like appearance to your architectural representations, making them relatable and appealing to viewers.


With the possibility of combining different collections of people, the diversity within your designs can be vastly increased. This not only yields multi-project usability but also helps in illustrating a variety of scenes, further enhancing the richness and complexity of your work.





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