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Business Travelers

Bringing Architecture to Life with the Pulse of Modern Mobility - Business Travelers Collection

Business Travelers for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection, particularly the Business Travelers, provides unmatched versatility. It gives architects an edge, allowing them to tailor their design sketches to specific themes and settings. This collection gives life to your blueprints, presenting them as lived-in spaces with people performing everyday tasks. Whether it's a bustling airport or a serene day-care center, find the right silhouettes to match your designs.


Crafted meticulously with high-resolution vector graphics, each silhouette in our collection represents a real-size human, engaged in activities reflective of our times. We cut no corners in delivering rich details, making your architectural presentations appear more realistic and compelling. Change the color scheme as per your needs, ensuring your architectural illustrations align perfectly with your project vision.


Our Adobe Illustrator collection is designed for combinability. You can mix and match silhouettes from various collections to create a diverse cast that your architectural designs deserve. This quality opens up endless creative possibilities for using these collections in different context, fostering maximum diversity, and multi-purpose projects.

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Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection is the first of its kind in providing architects specific sets of silhouettes for different building types. No other solution on the market offers such a nuanced approach. Whether you're illustrating a school or a business hub, find the right collection to make your designs authentic and engaging.


We understand that every architect has a unique creative vision. Our collections enable you to express yours freely. Each silhouette can be customized as per your need. Alter their color or combine them with other collections to achieve your desired aesthetic. You have complete creative control.


Each silhouette in our collection is a high-resolution, vector-based graphic, ensuring top quality. They work flawlessly with drawing software, making them an indispensable tool for architects looking to create striking, highly-detailed presentations that make an impact and impress clients.





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city & mobility

Business Travelers