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Pedal into Perspective: Breathing Life and Movement into Your Architectural Renderings

Cyclists for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator people collection provides you with an unmatched versatility. It is comprehensively organized around different themes and activities, allowing you to find the right representation for any building type—from day-care centers to airports or elementary schools. This way, you can give scale and animation to a myriad of architectural projects using real-size human silhouettes.


The authenticity of our 2D silhouette items is second to none. Based on real people from our time and their typical activities, they add a sense of freshness and relevance to your architectural drawings, making them relatable and true-to-life. This creates an engaging visual experience for your audience, immersing them into the realities of the architecture you are showcasing.


Our collection takes architectural illustration to the next level with its exceptional level of detail. The silhouettes are fully vector-based with high-resolution, meaning they can be used in large scales while maintaining their high quality. The color of the silhouettes can be customized according to your specific project requirements, offering additional flexibility and creative freedom.

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Pedal into the Future: Discover how our Cyclists Collection enhances your architectural designs!



Our people collections have been designed to be fully interchangeable, enabling architects to create diverse and multi-purpose projects. This means you can combine figures from different collections, adding both variety and creative possibility to your drawings. A key feature that inspires architectural diversity and an inclusive design approach.


We believe in the power of present times, therefore our collection is based on silhouettes of real people. This vital feature allows you to illustrate your drawings with figures that are relevant and relatable, creating a sense of belonging and contemporary appeal in your architectural design.


Our Cyclist Collection provides the ideal solution if you are looking to represent biking in your architectural drawings. Created with precision and a deep understanding of spatial dynamics in architecture, this unique collection enables you to capture the essence of movement in designated biking zones or structures.





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Illustrator CS6


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