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k12 education

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Elementary Students

Bring Your Architectural Stories to Life with the Pulse of Authenticity - The Elementary Students Silhouette Collection

Elementary Students for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection offers a wide assortment of themes centered around common human activities. This diversity allows architects to add life and realism to their building verses, whether it's an elementary school, an airport or a day care center.


Designed based on actual people and their daily activities, these sillouettes present an authentic representation of the current time. This authenticity enhances your architecture designs by allowing you to create scenes that truly resonate with today's world.


With their vector-based design, our sillouettes allow you to customize not only their scale but also their colors. This customizability gives you the flexibility to adjust the sillouettes to perfectly match the aesthetic of your projects.

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Unleash Your Creativity - Discover the Magic of Detail with our Adobe Illustrator People Collection for Architects Today! Click to Watch Demo Video.



Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection has been meticulously crafted to provide a high-resolution, detailed representation of human activities. This level of detail ensures that your architectural designs will look polished, professional and lifelike, even at large scales.


Designed to work seamlessly with your drawing software, our people collection allows for smooth operation and efficient workflow. This compatibility means you can focus on your creative process without worrying about technical interruptions.


Every collection can be combined with other collections to produce an even greater variety of scenarios. This variety helps to build diversity and authenticity into any project, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.





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Illustrator CS6


k12 education

Elementary Students



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