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higher educ

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Higher Education

Bringing Your Architectural Visions to Life - One Silhouette at a Time

Higher Education for Illustrator



With our Adobe Illustrator People Collection, architects are equipped with a range of 2D silhouettes representing individuals in a variety of activities and environments. Whether your project is an elementary school, an airport, or a day-care center, our themed collections offer the flexibility and specificity you need to bring your drafts to life.


Our silhouettes are modeled after real people, engaging in modern activities. This helps architects accurately depict the scale and movement within a wide range of building types. The result is a series of blueprints that feel alive, vibrant, and relevant to present-day activities and lifestyles.


Color is a powerful tool in architectural drawings, and we've made it possible for you to adapt the colors of our silhouettes to fit your needs. Whether you're aiming for monochrome subtlety or bold and vibrant splashes of color, our high-resolution silhouettes hold up to your creative demands.

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Unleash Your Creativity - Discover the Power of Human Element in Your Architectural Designs with Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection. Watch Our Demo Video Now!



Each silhouette in our collection is crafted to the finest detail, providing a high-resolution, vector-based finish that is ready for use in even large-scale projects. We've put exceptional effort into ensuring that our silhouettes provide a true to life depiction of human figures, ensuring their accuracy in scale and form.


Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection is organized in such a way that it allows you to combine different collections for maximum diversity. This highlights our commitment to promoting inclusiveness and versatility in design, ultimately aiding architects in creating multi-dimensional and multi-purpose projects.


Our Higher Education specific collection is a product of extensive and detailed research into the behavior and actions of individuals within an academic setting. This collection contains a range of silhouettes perfectly suited to college or university-themed projects, providing a touch of realism and immersion that other solutions in the market simply do not offer.





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higher educ

Higher Education