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Home Work Activities

Breathing Life into Your Architectural Masterpiece - The Contemporary, Versatile, and Dynamic Home Work Activities Silhouette Collection.

Home Work Activities for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator people collection offers unmatched versatility, allowing architect professionals to encompass an array of building types into their projects. Whether it's an elementary school, airport, day care center, or corporate building, these vector-based, high resolution silhouettes can be tailored to bring your architectural drawings to life in an engaging manner.


Each item within our collection is a mirror image of the human form, offering a sense of realism and relevance unimaginable with other design services. These silhouettes are based on actual people living in the current times, giving architects the freedom to depict real-world scenarios and activities in their work.


These collections are organized around specific themes and can be effortlessly combined with other collections. This fosters greater diversity in your projects by enabling you to illustrate a mix of human activities, like in a bustling cityscape or calm suburban dwelling, in a unified, aesthetically pleasing manner.

See in action

Bring your architectural drawings to life with our Home Work Activities collection. Dive into the demo video to explore more!



Our silhouettes draw inspiration from real people doing what they do best - living. This authenticity captures the essence of your architectural projects, making your design resonate with its intended audience.


We believe in providing more than just a product - it's a commitment to quality. Each silhouette is vector-based and high resolution, ensuring clear, crisp images even when used in large scales.


Each silhouette is customizable, right down to its color. This level of personalization ensures that your architectural projects stand out, reflecting the diversity of human life and your creativity as a professional architect.





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One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

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Illustrator CS6



Home Work Activities



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