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Japanese Tourists

Bring Your Visions to Life with Authentic Japanese Tourists – Adding a Worldly Flair to Your Architectural Canvas

Japanese Tourists for Illustrator



Our Japanese Tourist Adobe Illustrator collection provides you with a diverse range of 2D sillhouette figures. Each item is a real size human silhouette of real people showing a variety of activities that tourists do. They add an authentic feel to your architectural renderings, especially when depicting places like airports, and tourist spots.


All silhouettes in our collection can be tailored to fit your needs. You have the freedom to alter the color or size to match your design aesthetic. These adjustments do not sacrifice the high-resolution quality, ensuring that your architectural drawings retain their professional appearance even in large scales.


Our Illustrator collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and is fully vector—base. These high definition silhouettes add depth and attention to detail your clients will appreciate, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your architectural drawings.

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Discover the Power of Detail: Dive into our Japanese Tourists Collection Demo Now!



We have organized our Adobe Illustrator collection around common settings and scenarios. This helps lend your architectural renderings a touch of realism, as the figures will be engaging in activities fitting for the location, whether it's a school or airport.


Designed specifically for Adobe Illustrator, our collections integrate seamlessly with your software. This ensures you will not experience any technical difficulties when using our products. They will blend naturally and easily into all your projects.


Our collections of people can be combined, giving you even more options and diversity in your projects. This is ideal for large, diverse projects that require a wide range of human activity. With this flexibility, you can enhance the visual storytelling within your architectural renderings.





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Illustrator CS6


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Japanese Tourists