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Bringing your Architectural Visions to Life with Vibrant Tennis Silhouettes

Tennis for Illustrator



With our Adobe Illustrator People Collection, it brings versatility into your drawings like never before. No matter the project, whether it's an elementary school, airport, or a day-care center, our thematic collections offer silhouettes showcasing people in diverse activities, adding life and depth to your renders.


Our silhouettes are created based on real people from our time, doing what people do nowadays. This commitment to realism brings a sense of freshness and relevance for today's audience, allowing your designs to resonate and connect with people even more. You can now illustrate real life scenarios with high accuracy that truly reflects our current society.


The color of our silhouettes can be adjusted according to your project requirements. With high resolution, vector-based silhouettes, these figures can be adjusted to fit into larger scale projects while maintaining their sharpness and clarity. This offers you a degree of control and customization to tailor your drawings to fit your unique vision.

See in action

Serve up an Ace in Architectural Design - Watch our Tennis Collection Demo Video Now!



These figures are designed to work seamlessly with your chosen drawing software. They've been carefully constructed for ease of use, eliminating the hassle and enabling you to focus on what truly matters - producing amazing architectural drawings.


We went to great lengths to ensure every silhouette within our collection contains as much detail as possible. The high-resolution, vector-based construction of each figure guarantees a clear and precise presentation, even at large scales.


Each thematic collection can be combined with others, promoting a rich diversity in your project. Whether you're working on a lively leisure center or a bustling office environment, our collections allow you to depict a diverse range of scenarios, enhancing the authenticity and inclusiveness of your designs.





10 ai files

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One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

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Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


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