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Walking Seniors

Breathing Life into Blueprints - Walking Seniors Collection: Stroll into a More Authentic Design

Walking Seniors for Illustrator



Our Adobe Illustrator People Collection offers incredible versatility. Each item in the collection is a real-size human silhouette that can be used in a variety of architectural projects. From elementary schools to airports to daycare centers, these silhouettes add scale and context to your building types. The ability to combine different collections allows for maximum diversity, making it perfect for multi-purpose projects.


These silhouettes surpass others on the market due to their unique customization features. They are fully vector-based, allowing for easy color changes to suit your project aesthetic. Additionally, the high-resolution design permits usage even on large scales, ensuring that your project visuals remain clear and professional.


Our collection captures the real essence of our current society. The silhouettes are based on real people from our time, engaged in variou activities. This brings a sense of freshness and relevance to your architectural work, distinguishing you from competitors and resonating with viewers.

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Get a Walk-Through with our Walking Seniors - Experience Lifelike Architectural Illustrations like Never Before!



With our meticulous approach to detail, these silhouettes are unmatched in quality. Each item is designed with utmost precision to give plus to your architectural drawings. They perfectly interact with the drawing software, resulting in amazing real-like architecture renderings.


Our Collection offers an efficient solution for all your architectural visualization challenges. With these easily-accessible and thematically organized collections, you can project animate your building types giving them life and vigor. Save time while crafting a realistic representation of your project.


What sets our People Collection apart is its specificity. Each design caters to a unique building type or activity, such as a Walking Seniors. This caters to the niche needs of architects in an unprecedented way, giving them the power to illustrate a broad spectrum of scenarios effortlessly.





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Illustrator CS6


city & mobility

Walking Seniors