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Licensing options

At Archi, we understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer flexible licensing options to fit your specific requirements. Choose from desktop or multi-user access, each with distinct advantages to benefit your operations.

Desktop licenses

Ideal for small teams or individual professionals, desktop licenses provide standalone access to our products on designated computers. These licenses are perfect for:

  • Single-user environments.
  • Organizations needing fixed workstations.

Features include:

  • Ongoing subscription: Yearly licenses with free support and upgrades.
  • Flexibility: Transfer licenses between computers as needed.
  • Connectivity: Requires internet for activation.



Multi-User Floating Licenses

Best suited for dynamic teams and larger organizations, multi-user licenses allow you to maximize flexibility and productivity across your workforce. These licenses cater to:

  • Multiple users or seats within a network.
  • Organizations requiring scalable solutions.

Features include:

  • High availability: Install on unlimited devices but use concurrently up to the number of seats purchased.
  • Network efficiency: Licenses are automatically managed via a cloud server.
  • Remote Access: Work from home with a secure Customer Key.



  Desktop Floating 
Licensing Single Computer Multi-Computers (network)
License expiration

1 Month, 1 Year, 3 Years

1 Month, 1 Year, 3 Years
Support and Maintenance Included Included
Transferrable Manually to another computer. Automatic within the same network. Borrows and releases licenses based when Revit opens and closes.
Compatibility Installs on Revit. Do not run on Revit LT. Installs on Revit. Do not run on Revit LT.
Number of sessions per computer Unlimited. Can run in as many Revit sessions and many Revit versions as required on that computer. Unlimited. Can run in as many Revit sessions and many Revit versions as required on that computer.
VDI supported Windows Remote Desktop Citrix, VMWare and Windows Remote Desktop
Volume discount Yes Yes
Easy to increase number of licenses Yes Yes
Local license server Not required. Cloud based. Not required. Cloud based.
Requires internet access Yes Yes
License Management Online. Renewal, maintenance plan and Release License. Online. Real-time license Usage with chart.
Other requirements None Recomended Fixed IP address. Supports multiple IP addresses (multiple office locations).