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Because of the popularity of archigrafix revit families, grew rapidly and experienced frequent traffic spikes. At the time, the company hosted its servers at a co-location data center and the archigrafix infrastructure team had to manually manage, upgrade and provision the servers. “Traffic and usage behavior is variable during any given day and week,” says Luis Santos, CEO for archigrafix. “We had to build the infrastructure for peak traffic even though traffic patterns are very spikey. This was both inefficient and a waste of money. We wanted to be able to control our spending on infrastructure to make the best use of our cash.” Additionally, archigrafix was preparing new products and needed to keep its environment stable for customers before placing them on the front-end infrastructure.


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What does Adobe, Autodesk, Netflix, Pinterest and Nasdaq have in common with archigrafix? They all use the worlds best web infrastruture: Amazon Web Services.

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