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Archi Reports User Guide

User Guide

Copyright Archigrafix. All Rights Reserved.



Install instructions

  1. Run the supplied installer

  2. Introduce the serial number in case you have a license

  3. Confirm the installation settings

  4. The plugin is now available to run inside Revit.

 Uninstall instructions

  1. Close all Revit sessions.

  2. Run the uninstaller from the installation directory or from the shortcut in the windows program menu.

  3. Confirm the uninstallation

  4. The program is then uninstalled.



General Usage Instructions

Normal Usage

  1. Select Schedule

  2. Select folder location

  3. Confirm Export

Auto save settings

The schedule settings, including page format, font, language, are automatically saved after an export or preview. This enables the user to quickly generate a new report with the previously saved settings.


Adjusting the Report

Adjusting the page settings

The tab pages allows to define the paper size, the orientation, margins, and the define the appearence of the heade and footer.

Depending of the ammount of columns of your Revit Schedule the orientation and page size may need to increase accordingly. This is a manual process. You only need to do it once. Your Report will look better when the right ammount of space is allowed to display your text. Most of Reports that we do needs to be in landscape orientation.


Adjusting fonts and borders

The tab Styles allows to define the the size of the different headings, the thickness of the cell borders and adjust the vertical space between the cells.

The choice of the text size needs to  e considered with the paper size where the Report is being printed. We often keep the text in the cells in relative small size. Please try adjusting the vertical spacing (text padding) to fit more or less rows in your pages.



There is a pre-set of languages in the tab language. The words can be changed if necessary by adjusting the file languages.xml inside the language folder in the Reports installation location. Please proceed with caution by making a backup of that file.


Schedule format

The Revit schedule can be formatted in different ways due to sorting, breaks, and grouping of schedule headers. In the tab table one can adjust the settings to match the format of your Revit schedule. This has to be manually as Revit does not share this information in the API with the plugin developers.

  1. Breaks in the Revit schedule due to sorting can be replicated in Reports by selections merge empty lines.

  2. Grouped headers in the Revit Schedule can be shown in Reports by selecting merge grouped headers.


Adjusting the column widths

Reports automatically sets the column widths based of the content. However it may be necessary for better appearance of to fit the text in a single line to increase the column width (more than 100%) or decrease the column width (less than 100%). In most of our reports we adjust the column widths manually. This adjustment is done in the tab columns.



The table headers do not match my Revit Schedule and has cells with text "Empty":

In the tab Table check the options: