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k12 education

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Elementary Students Running

Bring Your Designs to Life with the Energetic Spirit of Elementary Students on the Go!

Elementary Students Running for Revit



With this unique Revit people collection, you're empowered with a flexibility that no other product in the market can provide. Based on 2D detail items, the items are compatible to be used in different sections and elevations. Perfect for elementary school, airport, or a day-care center, this collection allows you to inject life and movement into any architectural drawing - regardless of the building type.


Incorporate a multi-dimensional element to your design with our wide range of collections. Every themed collection can combine with the others, enabling you to create a multitude of different scenes within your architecture. This helps you to avoid monotonous designs and adds a layer of complexity to your projects.


Our Revit people collection boasts of high-resolution, vector based sillhouettes, each detailing a human figure in meticulous detail. The ratio remains true to life, enabling architects and designers to maintain a realistic scale in their renderings while adhering to the highest standards of drawing accuracy.

See in action

Unleash Your Creativity! Watch our demo video and see how our 'Elementary Students Running' collection breathes life into your architectural designs!



Finding a people collection that elevates your architectural drawing has never been easier. Our Revit people collection is fully synchronized with Autodesk Revit, ensuring a glitch-free and seamless experience for all our users. The sillhouettes can be easily incorporated into the 2D sections and elevations and have been designed considering the ease of user experience.


Tailor the people collection to cater to your project's unique needs. The color of the sillouettes can be adjusted to suit the design and mood of your project, giving you more control over final output. This elevates the flexibility offered and allows a cohesive color scheme to run through your project.


Staying current has never been so stylish. Based on real people from our time, our Revit people collection resonates with the present, capturing the activities of people today. This ensures that your projects don't just connect to the audience in form, but also resonate on a human level, thus making your designs more relatable.





5 revit detail items

License and delivery

One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


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k12 education

Elementary Students Running



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