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Japanese Tourists

Bring Your Designs to Life with the Vibrancy and Diversity of our Japanese Tourists Collection

Japanese Tourists for Revit



With our Revit people collection, rely on being able to adapt your architectural drawings to any building type. Whether you're tasked with illustrating an active elementary school or a bustling airport, find the right collection for your needs. Tailor your sketches with people that bring your design to life, from Japanese Tourists to city dwellers.


Expand your portfolio with collections that are not only themed, but also offer a range of real-life activities. Continuous, relevant updates ensure that your models always reflect current societal patterns. No two designs have to look alike with our wide selection at your fingertips.


Experience the intricacies of our carefully crafted silhouettes. Each is vector-based, high resolution, and represents an actual human size. This, combined with the ability to change the color, allows you to anchor your drawings in reality while also catering to the specific aesthetics of your project.

See in action

Unleash your creativity with our Japanese Tourist Collection - A click away to bring your architectural visions to life. Watch the demo now!



Your projects are unique and so should be your tools. With our Revit people collection, modify each silhouette's color to compliment your overall architectural design. The freedom is yours to make these collections truly your own.


Bridge the gap between theory and reality. Our collections are designed to work with Autodesk Revit seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free work process. There's no need to worry about software compatibility issues disrupting your workflow.


Our collections are designed to be combined, allowing for a multitude of diverse, multi-purpose designs. Craft a lively shopping mall scene or populate a bustling city transit system with ease. Your potential for creativity knows no boundaries.





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city & mobility

Japanese Tourists