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Membrane Detail Line

Revolutionize Your Designs with the Versatile Membrane Detail Line - The Architect's Secret to Flawless Detailing!

Membrane Detail Line for Revit



Our Revit membrane detail line is incredibly versatile, accommodating to every architect’s unique requirement. It's configured to represent various types of membranes – from waterproofing and roofing underlays to thermal insulations and flashings. This adaptability ensures this is an indispensable tool for all architects, facilitating their diverse detailing needs.


Time is of the essence in architecture. Our product is built with an optimized code that provides faster operation. This ensures a streamlined and efficient work process, which can significantly up the productivity game - a crucial advantage in the fast-paced architectural world.


Allow your architectural details to stand out in superior quality with our Revit membrane detail line. The line thickness and spacing are parametrically adjustable, enabling the desired precision. This helps in precise detailing and results in more alluring architectural designs.

See in action

Unleash your creativity with unparalleled precision - Discover the versatility of our Parametric Revit Membrane Detail Line in this exciting demo video!



With our Revit membrane detail line, you can easily tweak the line width and pattern to suit your design preferences. This function allows for easy customization, empowering you to have full control over how each detail is portrayed in your designs, creating a unique aesthetic for each project.


This linetype functions effectively across all detail scales. You won't have to worry about details looking off in different scales. Our product ensures all your architectural details appear accurate and cohesive, no matter the scale.


Designed with the future of architecture in mind, our product pushes the boundaries of design possibilities. It's all about merging technical proficiency and creative exploration, offering infinite possibilities to the modern architect in achieving their designs.





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Membrane Detail Line