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Bring Your Designs to Life with the Thrill of The Game: The Sketchup Football People Collection

Football for Sketchup



Our Sketchup people collection allows you to tailor your architectural drawings to your specific needs. Whether you're illustrating a bustling airport or a serene day-care center, you can handpick the human silhouettes that best suit your project, even down to their color. This unique level of customization enables you to inject personality into your designs and truly bring them to life.


Our Sketchup people collection is grounded in reality. Each silhouette represents a real, full-sized human, doing what people do in contemporary life. This adds a sense of realism and relevance to your architectural drawings, casting them in a light that is both fresh and familiar.


With the ability to combine different collections of silhouettes, our Sketchup people collection gives you the option to portray a diverse range of individuals. This helps to reflect the multifaceted nature of society, ensuring that your architectural drawings are not just accurate, but representative too.

See in action

Score a Design Goal: Check out our Dynamic Football Sketchup People Collection in Action!



Our Sketchup people collection is meticulously organized around themes, so you'll always find the right human silhouette for your architectural drawings. Whether you need to illustrate a specific building type or a certain activity, our comprehensive collection has got you covered.


Each silhouette in our Sketchup people collection is designed with great attention to detail. They are fully vector based, with high resolution, allowing you to use them even in large scale drawings without losing any clarity or precision.


Although they are not for 3D views, our Sketchup people collection can be applied to a wide range of architectural projects. From elementary schools to airports to day-care centers, these collections offer maximum versatility to cater to your diverse design needs.





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Sketchup 2008 - 2013 and newer