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Office Workers Seated

Bring Your Architectural Vision to Life with Sketchup: Realistic Office Workers Seated Collection!

Office Workers Seated for Sketchup



Incorporate diversity and detail effortlessly into your architectural drawings with our Office Workers Seated Sketchup collection. Just as in a real office, your designs can portray various activities such as meetings, brainstorming sessions, and casual conversations. This collection allows you to breathe life into any office layout and to move from static drawings to lively scenes.


Make your architectural drawings more relatable and up-to-date with our collection, which is based on real people from our day and age. As the settings and activities depicted in the collection cater to the modern work environment-set up, your clients will appreciate the sense of realism and relevance in your designs.


We have spared no efforts to ensure the silhouettes in the Office Workers Seated collection are as detailed as possible. They are fully vector-based with high resolution, allowing you to use them at even larger scales without losing any detail, hence enabling you to showcase the intricacies of your design.

See in action

Step into the future of architectural design - Discover how the Sketchup People Collection can transform your projects with our Office Workers Seated demo video now!



An excellent aspect of our Office Workers Seated collection is the ability to customize the color of the silhouettes according to your requirements. This feature allows you to tweak the designs to match with the aesthetic of your projects, injecting uniqueness to each architectural drawing.


This collection is designed to work perfectly with your drawing software. Whether you are illustrating an intimate office setting or a sprawling corporate complex, these seating arrangements can be easily incorporated, helping you create highly appealing and accurate architectural drawings.


The size of these seating figures is based on real size human silhouettes, ensuring utmost authenticity in your architectural drawings. Whether it's an expansive bird's eye view of the office floor or a closeup of office clusters, these silhouettes maintain their integrity and adjust to your needed scale.





2 .skp sketchup files

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One time purchase for 15 devices

Licensed for home and commercial use

Your download link will be delivered by e-mail with detailed instruction for installing the product; there is no CD or DVD

Support included via technical forums and e-mail.


Sketchup 2008 - 2013 and newer



Office Workers Seated



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