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Luis Santos

10 May 2019 (5 years ago)


We are happy to announce that Docuflow 3.0 is finally released. It includes a few corrections and many exciting new features.

It can be downloaded here:



  • New feature: exports sheets as DWF and DWFx.


  • New controls to hide/view links, ref/work planes, unreferenced view tags, scope boxes, crop boundaries and grayscale for the PDF documents.


  • Added controls for the Revit PDF printing options: Vector processing (faster) / Raster Processing, selection of levels of raster quality.


  • New feature! Advanced automation: allows to run a program before and/or after publishing.


  • The changes in the settings are now saving when the main dialog is closed. Previously the settings were saving only after the publishing job.


  • Compatible with Revit 2020.