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Luis Santos

08 Apr 2021 (3 years ago)

Docuflow 5.1 has been released and is it ready for download. This version introduces additional functionality for projects saved in the Autodesk cloud BIM360, and also adds automation to offices that require central archiving of documents.

BIM360 projects that are saved in the Autodesk cloud are special type of projects do not have a normal Windows folder path. We are now introducing for those projects the possibility to save the Docuflows settings in a network path that can be shared across multiple users. Now the project settings can be easily shared across multiple users. We recomend that the same path is used for all your BIM360 projects. 

For complex projects, with frequent drawing deliveries, and that require central archiving the solution until recently was to manually copy the published files into those locations. Central archiving allows to have the latest published documents easily available in a simple folder structure, so that anyone can browse and send them without opening Revit. Docuflow 5.1 introduces now the possibility to automatically save a copy of the published PDF, DWF and DWG files into your archive folders. This setting can now defined for each project.

These new functions of Docuflow 5.1 can be adjusted in the Options tab.