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Luis Santos

05 Jan 2019 (5 years ago)

Prior to version 2.7 Docuflow there can be a situation where Docuflow will not successfully pass the print instructions to Revit.


There are 2 steps to check:

 1 - Upgrade to Docuflow 2.8 if you have an older verison. This version has an improvement that solves that error.


2- Ensure that the Revit selected default print set is not empty (without sheets)
  • Open the print dialog
  • In Print range click the button select.
  • If the set has no selected sheets, delete that set. The alternative is to select the set <in-session>.
  • Click OK
  • Click close to close the Revit Print Dialog
  • Use Docuflow


This last error will be corrected in version 2.9