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Luis Santos

23 Jan 2024 (5 months ago)

This is a printer permission issue:

You receive an error message stating : Unable to select Printer Printer Name - Failed to access print parameters.

This error indicates that one of the printers on the machine has a problem printer driver or permissions issues that is preventing us access to all the printer information or that the system has no default printer. The way the Revit Print API works is that we ask it what printers are available on the machine, then we set the printer appropriate as per the format settings. However, if any of the printers on the system give us an error, the Revit Print API enters an error state and even if you are not using that Printer, they all will fail with that message. Only a restart of Revit will clear the error.

1 - The cause is unlikely to be one of the PDF Printers and will most likely be a Physical printer and not necessarily the printer you are trying to use.
First check to ensure the system has a Default Printer, in Windows 10 there is an option to Allow Windows to manage my default printer. If this is set then you have a default printer. If not, ensure you manually set a default printer from the list. If this is not the issue the solution is to identify the problem printer driver by a systematic process of elimination.

2 - The user must have administration permissions to the Bullzip printer and PDF24 (optional - if that is installed). This is enabled in the Devices and Printers, Bullzip PDF Printer Properties, Security tab: enable Manage this printer and Manage documents for your user.

Remember if your printers are created each time by a login script, then the problem printer may reappear. So please work with your System Administrator to resolve the problem printer driver.

Some of our users with this problem reported that it was due to a network printer.


David El Sayeh

17 Jan 2024 (5 months ago)

Since this week, I'm getting the error "Failed to access print parameters" everytime I want to start the Docuflow Plugin in Revit.

It happens in each Revit version (2023, 2024). I already downloaded the installer and reinstalled the plugin, but the error is still there. How would I be able to fix this?

Kind regards,