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Luis Santos

12 Apr 2019 (5 years ago)

Issues with paper sizes

Ocasionally we have users that report that the paper size that Docuflow indicated does not match standard paper sizes that are expected in their titleblocks. That leads to wrong PDF size and issues with printing to paper in the correct scale.

We concluded in all cases that Revit/Docuflow was correct and it was due to incorrect setup of the titleblock family. Either the paper size is shown in Docuflow smaller or larger than the standard size. Please troubleshoot using the instructions under:


Docuflow shows a smaller paper size than the standard

Solution: Make sure the crop boundaries in the titleblock are exactly the edge of the paper. If you do not want those lines visible, use the invisible linestyle.



Docuflow shows a larger paper size than the standard

Solution: Make sure that the titleblock crop boundaries are exactly the size of the paper. Additionally, check all other elements, such as text boxes and make sure they do not extend outside the crop boundaries. Click on each rectangular text box, and check their size: their text might be in, but if the rectangle extends outside the titleblock, Revit includes that as the outermost edge to be printed.