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Rasmus Max Petersen

17 Apr 2020 (10 months ago)

Hello Luis

It has absolutely not always been like that!

Before our licenses only got activated upon actually clicking on the plugin, which meant that licenses were just occupied when one of our employees actively chose to reserve a license (and it was released upon shutting down Revit).

Now, our 5 network licenses are occupied by the first 5 employees to open Revit, and then forcefully occupied for the rest of the day. This means that even though i only have 1 user who needs to do 1 print by the end of the day, he has to win the lottery (or turn up extremely early!) to have a license.

Meanwhile 5 users who won't be using the plugin at all are taking up the licenses for the entire day.

I estimate we use the plugin 2-3 times a week across the entire office, but we bought 5 licenses to be able to handle "peaks". If this is the way licensing is handling going onwards, we won't be able to use your plugin anymore.




Luis Santos

18 Dec 2013 (7 years ago)

Hi Rasmus!


We understand your frustation. We are working on a ticketing system that will be available in the next week or so to give you a better support.

It is correct that floating licenses are booked and returned every time a Revit session starts and ends respectively. It has been always like that. The reason is that floating licenses are sold at the same price as a desktop license, and not more expensive, even though it has a few advantages. In order to keep the prices low the mechanism to assign licenses is related with running Revit sessions.

The customer key should be working. What is does it places that user inside your IP address network. We can have a look at that. Just e-mail us to with the computer name you are trying to use with a customer key so we can explain you better.

Meanwhile please use the following.

To see your floating license usage:


To understand your authentication errors log and explanation (the computers that do not get a license):



Rasmus Max Petersen

17 Apr 2020 (10 months ago)

Hello Archi

Congratulations with your new website. 

We are - however - having major issues ever since the updates. Here is a summery of some of the issues we are having:

  • Network licenses getting occupied without anyone using the plugin. Seemingly a network license is now "booked" upon just starting Revit and not when the actual plugin is activated - leaving our licenses occupied.
  • License key not working: Seemingly our license key for manual addition of workplace machines is not working.
  • No contact information: I am missing a support phone number for critical cases like these.