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Gilling Dod Architects

10 Sep 2020 (4 years ago)


New user, testing the product with a floating license potentially to widen out to a larger office. So have a few questions on first review of the software.

It seems the customisation is Revit project specific? E.g. I custom the PDF file naming which seems to be saved for the project, but resets back to default in each new project. I see on the userguide this is as intended, and there is a settings file. Where is the settings file and how is it copied between projects? We use Autodesk BIM360 so unsuure if/how this works as the revit file is cloud based rather than on a local server.

Is there a way to pre-program these settings so that when the software is rolled out office wide its already setup how we intend? E.g. a reg file maybe?