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Luis Santos

11 Jul 2022 (2 years ago)

Docuflow dows not scale text, it only makes the print requests to Revit via the API. It is the Revit print process that actually does the print.


So, why is Revit printing text in wrong sizes?


The number one reason is DPI issues with external screens. One cann ususally fix this issue by restarting Revit. Or, please see here:,order%20to%20apply%20the%20changes.


If this article did not help please see this one:


Please let us know in case these solutions did not work for you, or if you find a better solution.



Barbaros Demir

11 Jul 2022 (2 years ago)

Hi, i have recently printed with docuflow in revit 2022 and it scaled all my texts up!

Now when i open and print a single sheet. it is correct with no problems. 

I have just pulled an all nighter a week ago and delivered a whole project with upscaled text via docuflow! This is fatal. the delevery date is exceeded and ALL  sheets have to be printed again. It is really diasppointing of the software suddenly and randomly deciding to scale all texts up.


Can anyone make me wiser? what went wrong here?

1 batch print.

2. deliver project.

3. come back after vacation and find out everything was up-scaled (today).

4. open model. model looks fine. sheets looks fine.

5. i try printing a single sheet. 

6. it prints correctly - non scaled texts. 

It must have chosen to up-scale all text when batch printing???

7. i just tried to batch print. NO up-scaling problem occurs. 

is there even a up-scaling ability of the docuflow program?

I am so sad :(