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Luis Santos

19 Dec 2019 (4 years ago)

We will look into the possibility of sorting by sheet number on the sheet selection grid.

Currently, on Docuflow version 4.0 it is possible to search sheets in the left grid (available sheets), so it may be easier to group relevant sheets to be added on the selection.


Currently Docuflow uses the native Revit sheet sets that do not allow saving in a certain order. That is to ensure that when a sheet is renamed the set also gets the sheet renamed and remains valid. Remember that Revit monitors and updated the set all the time, but Docuflow does not do that. It is technically possible to do a own sheet set database and monitor for sheet name changes, so we will keep that in mind. We also do not like workarounds.


We look forward to more feedback from you.


Victor Wright

18 Dec 2019 (4 years ago)

You can sort sheets in the Sheets Available list of sheets in the project, and when you create a Set, the list remains sorted when it moves back to the Sheets Available list. However, when you select the new set to publish, the list is no longer sorted. And, that's the way it is published - unsorted. If you sort that list manually, it still plots out of order.

Two features would allow more efficient publishing:

Allow sorting by discipline, according to a user defined sort order.

Maintain the user-specified sort order in the publishing set and publish in that order so that the sheets in the PDF or other file are in that order. 

The alternative seems to be to plot the sheets separately, i.e., not combined into a single file, and then combine them with Adobe as the Windows File Explorer does sort the files.

Remember: A workaround is not a solution.