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Luis Santos

15 Apr 2020 (4 years ago)

Understanding Floating Licenses

Floating licenses are a very cost effective license type that help maximize your investment in Archigrafix software. Their main advantages are:


- Allow the software to be deployed to all computers of your network without the need of serial numbers.

- Allow to share automatically the licenses among your team, maximizing your investment.

- Allow running as many sessions of Revit with 1 license in one computer.

- No local license server. The authorization happens on the cloud server from Archigrafix.

- Support of multiple public IP addresses and multiple IP ranges, making it possible to use the same licenses across multiple office locations or even allow access from home.


The mechanism that loans and returns the licenses is triggered by the start and end of a Revit session in a computer. That has to do with the current pricing scheme. A floating license currently costs the same as a desktop license. Floating liceses are show above are more suitable for medium or large organizations.


To see the license usage, inncluding the computers that currently have a license, please follow these instructions.