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Export Revit metadata into PDF documents

Archi Communications Team

June 26, 2022
Publish Revit metadata into PDF documents

Autodesk Revit is the most used software to develop BIM projects. As part of the BIM methodology, one stores large amounts of information during the project and building´s lifespan. But not everybody accesses this information from a Revit model. Deriving data from BIM models into other file formats such as PDF is crucial. This article will focus on how to export Revit project data into PDFs through metadata and its benefits.

What exactly is PDF metadata?

Metadata is in many file types, from images to audio files, including document files. The metadata saved in PDF is file-specific information such as author, date of file creation, title, subject, keywords, etc. But other information can be stored as metadata, especially with BIM models as a source.

Why exporting Revit information as metadata to PDFs is a good idea?

Storing model information in exported PDFs allows for more complete and valuable delivery. Knowing the author, the title, subject of a PDF can be helpful as a minimum. But suppose we add the project name, the location of the Revit file, the drawing revision number, and any project and sheet-specific information. The possibilities for describing your projects or sheet drawings become endless. 

When publishing from Revit to PDF using Docuflow we expand the dataset in a PDF document using metadata without effort. That is because the insertion of the metadata is derived from parameter information in the project and the sheets.

More information in the PDF allows better identification, traceability, and possibilities for automation. One no longer needs to open and visually inspect the title block or the content of the drawing to understand the contents when the file includes rich metadata.

Can PDF metadata from Revit help with ISO 9001 requirements?

Yes. Docuflow allows automatically saving the original path of the Revit document in the metadata field, making it possible to identify its location. That is valuable to enable any team member to find the Revit model that generated that PDF document. 

Where can we see the PDF metadata exported from Revit?

Some metadata already integrates into the operating system dialogs and is visible in the file explorer, allowing for sorting and filtering of the files. Other metadata is only visible to the regular user when opening the file properties of a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader. 

As written earlier, the metadata is also helpful for automation, and any decent PDF library will allow reading the metadata into a document control routine or storage of PDF documents.

What project information can Docuflow save as metadata?

Docuflow allows saving the following project information as metadata:

  • Project Number
  • Project Name
  • Project Issue Date
  • Project Edited BY
  • Project Author
  • Project Address
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Description
  • Building Names

What sheet information can Docuflow save as metadata?

Docuflow allows saving the following sheet information as metadata:

  • Sheet Number
  • Sheet Name
  • Sheet Issue Date
  • Sheet Edited By
  • Scale
  • Revision Date
  • Revision
  • Drawn By
  • Designed By
  • Current Revision Issued By
  • Current Revision Description
  • Current revision
  • Checked By
  • Approved By

Where can I download a trial of Docuflow and try to save Revit metadata into PDF documents?

A free trial version of Docuflow is available on the Download & Install section of the website. Enjoy a seven-day trial and let us know what you think.