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Luis Santos

29 Apr 2021 (1 week ago)

Hi Rasmus


The floating licenses are sold at the same price as desktop licenses, not higher as they usually do. A floating license is however not locked to a single computer, as it can float between the computers that have requested it dynamically. That is at the same price as a desktop license. In order to change todays scheme for floating licenses as you describe, we would need to raise the price of a floating license, what would make it less available to other users.


Please note that our recomendation is that the number of floating licenses is about 70% of the total installed computers to ensure that the software is available. The licenses are sold as 1 month, 1 year and 3 year contract (with discount) for different type of office and project structures.


We can consider to create on demand licenses and determine a price for it so that it can be available in the future. 


Should you require to contact the Archi support, please follow the link under. You will generally receive support within 24 hours on that ticketing system.




Rasmus Max Petersen

29 Apr 2021 (1 week ago)

As this thread is seemingly being ignored - let me try again:

We have an office of 30 employees. We have bought 5 network licenses which is being VERY sparely used (i would estimate total usage of the plugin being limited to 2-3 users every week).

I am still CONSTANTLY being faced with licensing issues, as your plugin reserves licences everytime a user opens up Revit - even if that user has no interest in using print functionality!

This is a major issue!

On ANY other software we have used, network licenses are only booked upon ACTIVELY usage of the software: Ie. when somebody CLICKS the "Docuflow" button.

With licenses being reserved (and furthermore seemingly never time out on 0 usage), i have users keeping their machines open for days - and thereby reserving licenses that they never use.

Can you please fix this issue, so that licenses are only pulled from the license server when a user ACTIVELY clicks the "DocuFlow"-button?

Furthermore: Can you please make "releasing" a license possible? Finding out who (unintentionally!) is reservering licenses and having to shut down their work is just not a valid option.

This will be my last time requesting this basic functionality which should have been implemented a long time ago, before we have to cancel our licenses.