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  1. auto-synchronization of Revit projects
    Plugins, Isync

    Automating Revit collaboration tasks

    How can collaboration automation in Revit help improve efficiency? Let's look at daily pipelines and how iSync can make your and your team's jobs more efficient.

  2. Automatically compact your Revit projects
    Plugins, Isync

    Automatically compact your Revit projects

    In order to keep Revit speedy, one needs to compact the file storage during the night automatically. In this article, we will analyze the reasons to compress the document and the automation technique to achieve that without any effort using iSync.

  3. iSync auto-save and auto-sync for Revit
    Plugins, Isync

    Revit autosave and autosync explained

    In most cad software, it is possible to do autosave, but the same is not included by default in Revit unless we use an application to help do that. This article will go through the steps to enable autosave in Revit using the iSync plugin.