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    asked by Carsten Kodat 01 Mar 2024


    We have Documents with paper Size 500cm x 500 cm.

    That are Groundfloor overview plans.

    What ist the limit of Docuflow ?


    Next question?

    Is it possible to plot a scrennshot or the avtive view or plans?

    C.K.  :)



    updated 1 month ago | Carsten Kodat
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    asked by David El Sayeh 17 Jan 2024

    Since this week, I'm getting the error "Failed to access print parameters" everytime I want to start the Docuflow Plugin in Revit.

    It happens in each Revit version (2023, 2024). I already downloaded the installer and reinstalled the plugin, but the error is still there. How would I be able to fix this?

    Kind regards,



    updated 3 months ago | David El Sayeh
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    asked by sasan saraio 13 Nov 2023

    Hello good time

    What are the advantages of "Archi Docuflow PDF" plugin over "DiRoots ProSheets" plugin?


    Is it possible to check?

    updated 5 months ago | sasan saraio
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    asked by Johann Grabner 07 Nov 2023

    Advanced Filename Settings will not be saved in REVIT Cloud Modells. Please correct this bug.

    updated 5 months ago | Johann Grabner
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    asked by Alari Jürgenson 05 Sep 2023



    Is it possible to publish so that docuflow will lose spaces (for example "First floor plan" to "Firstfloorplan".



    Is it possible to automaticali replace sertain letters (for example ö to o or ä to a)


    BR, Alari

    updated 8 months ago | Alari Jürgenson
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    asked by martin petersmann 03 Aug 2023

    When trying to print from Revit 2022 (Win 11 ,64bit) i get the following pop-up':

    "The settings file could not be saved. Please ensure that your Revit document is saved in a folder with right permissions"

    we work with revit-Server 2022, and before upgrading to Win11 everything was fine .

    A second Pop-Up tells me to install some "CAD-Modul".

    same as before, we had no problem in Win 10.

    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks in Advance

    Martin Petersmann

    updated 9 months ago | martin petersmann
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    asked by James McGowan 26 Jun 2023

    Hi. Sheet border disappears when creating a PDF. I saw in an earlier post you said to draw invisible line for the border in the Revit sheet family. Is this still the case or has the app been updated since?

    updated 9 months ago | James McGowan
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    asked by Anton Vald 22 May 2023

    I have certain Revit symbols, with an annotation symbol nested into it. In the annotation symbol there is a small filled region with color. When I print to PDF with PDF option set to "black" any objects with filled regions still show color. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    -Sorry if this was aksed before, search function seems to return error codes.

    Running Revit 2020.xx.x.x.

    Docuflow x.x.x.

    updated 11 months ago | Anton Vald
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    asked by Jürge Weiss 03 Apr 2023

    When printing PDF the paper Size is not correct any more even it worked years bevore

    Docuflow is not reading the correct size

    updated 1 year ago | Jürge Weiss
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    asked by Paul Heron 10 Jan 2023

    Can I save the advance file pdf name settings so that they automatically appear on all revit projects?

    When i setup the advanced file name setting in a project (say <ProjectNr><SheetNr><CurrentRevision><SheetName>

    The advanced settings do not transfer between new projects nor can they be saved within a revit project template file.

    Can the advanced filename settings be saved and used as Default for every new and existing project??




    updated 1 year ago | Paul Heron
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    asked by Nikhil Patel 14 Oct 2022

    just installed. selected sheets, moved them to the right. specified folder, hit publish. NOTHING. what am i doing wrong? not a very good first impression. on the verge of uninstalling....

    updated 2 years ago | Nikhil Patel
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    asked by Malcolm Pitt 01 Sep 2022

    Hi there, 

    Myself and a number of colleauges are frequently experiencing Docuflow  (and subsequently Revit) freezing if an attempt is made to 'cancel' the ongoing export. The software does not recover itself and we are required to force close Revit. 

    Can you please advise how to resolve this issue as it is currently resulting in lost time and risks loosing production information. 

    Thank you,


    updated 2 years ago | Malcolm Pitt
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    asked by Barbaros Demir 11 Jul 2022

    Hi, i have recently printed with docuflow in revit 2022 and it scaled all my texts up!

    Now when i open and print a single sheet. it is correct with no problems. 

    I have just pulled an all nighter a week ago and delivered a whole project with upscaled text via docuflow! This is fatal. the delevery date is exceeded and ALL  sheets have to be printed again. It is really diasppointing of the software suddenly and randomly deciding to scale all texts up.


    Can anyone make me wiser? what went wrong here?

    1 batch print.

    2. deliver project.

    3. come back after vacation and find out everything was up-scaled (today).

    4. open model. model looks fine. sheets looks fine.

    5. i try printing a single sheet. 

    6. it prints correctly - non scaled texts. 

    It must have chosen to up-scale all text when batch printing???

    7. i just tried to batch print. NO up-scaling problem occurs. 

    is there even a up-scaling ability of the docuflow program?

    I am so sad :(


    updated 2 years ago | Barbaros Demir
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    asked by Heinz-Georg Guth 05 Jul 2022

    Hey all,

    on every start from Revit 2021 / 2022, Docuflow give us a message, that only Bullzip Printer Version 11_12_0_2816 will work. So we install the version, but on every start from Revit Docuflow asked again to install Bullzip Version 11_12_0_2816.

    Has anyone the same problem? Or knows everyone a workaround?

    Kind regards

    updated 2 years ago | Heinz-Georg Guth
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    asked by martin petersmann 30 Jun 2022

    Good day
    we use Docuflow
    PDF creation works flawlessly, dwg's are only created with the export setup "in session". The company's own export configuration works perfectly from the native Revit dialog, but not at all from Docuflow. No files are generated.
    Also the Drawing List function does not work. I set the check mark in the main menu at "Documents / Drawing List" but still can't select a list in the ribbon "Documents" in the pull-down "Revit Schedule...", because the pull-down menu is grayed out.

    thanx in advance,

    martin petersmann

    updated 2 years ago | martin petersmann
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    asked by Armando Birlain Lopez 22 Jun 2022

    Hi, is there a way to set up Docuflow to export sheets in DWG in a single file, rather than with referencing views as separate files?

    updated 2 years ago | Armando Birlain Lopez
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    asked by Vladimir Vancik 17 Jun 2022

    Is there a way to let all users in my network query current license usage without giving them access to my user account? Wouldn't have to be detailed, just to see whether all the licenses are being used or there's at least one left.

    (I understand that not allowing manual release of a license is a matter of policy. This issue is vaguely related, but I think it wouldn't necessarily affect your revenue if it was possible.)

    updated 2 years ago | Vladimir Vancik
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    asked by keyur sharma 02 Jun 2022

    i want plot 30" X 42" in. in revit 2022 file , but as am ploting manualy its not processing further . how ca we troubleshoot this ?

    updated 2 years ago | keyur sharma
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    asked by Arnout van IJsseldijk 05 May 2022

    The new version 6.16 (or 6.15) gives a error and then crashes DocuFlow

    This happens with projects using revision numbering per sheet prior to the update to version 6.16  (or 6.15 we didnt install that one)

    On 6.14 there is no problem

    When I make a new project and set revision per sheet then there is no problem.


    updated 2 years ago | Arnout van IJsseldijk
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    asked by Luis Santos 17 Mar 2022

    Docuflow 6.15 is released.


    - Corrected sorting by sheet name and sheet project revision number.

    updated 2 years ago | Luis Santos

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